Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Calebs day!

I love just how blue my eyes are in this picture... and i did not photo shop this or any thing!!

Me and my roommate Kinsley come down to payson so say goodbye to our great friend Caleb Moody. He leaves for his mission tomorrow (7/21/11) to Houston Texas. We went for a little hike with him. And i had a blast! Later on that day we went to a place that has some foam pits and it was lots of fun! but was it a work out!! lol  if it wasnt for them i would probably still be stuck in the foam! 

I HATE CROSSING THESE... cause some one thinks its funny to jump on them as i walk across them!! >:(
Elder Moody

Kinsley is so funny she climbed back there to get out of the water!!


She was screaming cause it was splashing on here and it was cold and i thought that was funny so i stood there pretending to take more pictures when yet i was laughing!! im so mean!

She wasnt lying that water was REALLY cold so i had to stand off to the side before i could make it to the water fall!

Yep my foots numb!! lol

He thinks hes cool like me!

Do you think she gots what it takes?
Wah ha ho... =)

i know i know!

 We arent cool enough to take pictures with our hands

Butterfly's... its what happens when i think about Zac!! :)
 Kinsley is so crazy!! BUT DANG SHES GOOD

Who knows what hes really doing?!!

Here are come of the pictures from the foam pits
 Yep she did this about 30 times before we left this place!

 Caleb's first time doing a back flip!

 This was my first and last time doing this lol

 His face is priceless 

 1... 2.... 3.... JUMP!

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